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ISG's Partnership with Best Buddies International

In its second successful year of partnership, the Best Buddies International Partnership with ISG has made its mark on the ISG community for years to come.

Through the implementation of various hands-on activities for students with physical and intellectual disabilities, the joint program has successfully established unbreakable bonds between ISG and ACCEL students. Be it board games, decorating cupcakes, or other forms of engaging activities, Best Buddies aims to nurture and foster a safe space for the students they interact with. Raising tangible awareness and understanding, along with sowing the seeds of long-standing friendships, allows for both ISG and ACCEL students to tap into real-life experiences and knowledge through these interactions.

Over the past couple of months our team has carefully curated and developed the most fruitful activities for the students of both schools, and each time returned with big smiles. Initially, the language barrier was a struggle, but throughout the year, Best Buddies has managed to overcome these obstacles with signing, non-verbal communication, and body language.

All in all, the inclusive, ever-lasting virtues of Best Buddies hope to be echoed throughout our day-to-day experiences with those around us.

Thanks to Ms. Ashlie Jensen from ASD and Ms. Rosie Hepworth from BSD for supporting and guiding our students to become more compassionate leaders and active members of their community.