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Eligible Dependent applicants are female, expatriate teachers or specialists in their area of non-teaching expertise who are qualified through their education and prior career experience and currently reside in Saudi Arabia as a dependent of their sponsor. They are non-Saudi nationals who possess the right qualifications and proven experience from their prior career in their home country and meet the work permit application requirements. Unfortunately, as per Saudi Arabian employment regulations, ISG is unable to consider applications from male expatriates.

ISG is committed to the safety and protection of children and young people and expects all employees and volunteers to share this commitment.

ISG relies on our local workforce for positions at every level within our district. Female expatriate dependent employment at ISG is conditional, and subject to receiving permission from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education and approval from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor in the form of an AJEER Certificate (“work permit”).

Selected candidates will be required to complete a work permit application package in advance of receiving an employment agreement. Once completed, our Government Relations Office will assist with the process of applying for a work permit. A work permit is required to work at ISG and must be obtained prior to receiving an employment agreement, beginning work and receiving a salary.

Work permit application requirements include, but are not limited to:

  1. A copy of your university degree that has been authenticated (stamped) by the Saudi Embassy or Cultural Mission/Bureau in the country where your degree was earned.
  2. A copy of your university transcripts.
  3. A valid Iqama (residency permit).
  4. Medical clearance (doctor’s certification of “fitness to work”).

Because authentication never expires, prospective applicants are encouraged to prepare themselves in advance by having their university degree authenticated by the Saudi Embassy or Cultural Mission/Bureau in the country where their degree was earned prior to application.

Compensation and Benefits
ISG takes pride in the education we deliver to our students and the benefits we provide to our valued employees.

Teacher Qualifications
All teacher applicants must possess:

  • University degree in the subject area of employment (Master's degree preferred).
  • Current teacher certification in the required subject area. Certification should be from a recognized and nationally recognized institution.
  • Background check to demonstrate the suitability of the applicant to work with children and in a school environment.
  • Previous experience of teaching within an accredited school system (preferred).
  • Classroom teachers should be able to demonstrate relevant experience and certification in teaching similar school programs to the position applied for (preferred).
  • Ability to demonstrate a track record of continuous professional development.
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both verbal and written.
  • Good interpersonal skills in interacting with students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Ability to supervise students in non-classroom settings.
  • Ability to work independently and within a team.

Salary (Teacher and Counselor)
Teaching employment agreements are for one (1) school year at 191 workdays per year. Initial teacher salary placement is determined according to your education and teaching credentials, and according to a salary schedule with an annual step increase and the opportunity for annual employment renewal upon invitation.

Salary (Non-teacher)
Initial employment agreements are for one (1) school year at 179-210 workdays per year depending on the position. Initial salary placement is determined according to a salary schedule with an annual step increase and the opportunity for annual employment renewal upon invitation.

In addition to income that is often tax-exempt in their home country, our dependent-hire employees enjoy a variety of benefits including, but not limited to:

Work Permit

  • Annual AJEER certificate (currently SAR 9,500 + VAT per year)
  • University degree authentication reimbursement
  • Background check reimbursement 
  • Medical exam reimbursement 

Child Education and Care

  • Admissions application fee waiver for each child applying to an ISG school
  • Discounted ISG school tuition after one (1) year of service for support staff upon student's admission (excluding taxes and new student enrollment fee)
  • Low-cost on-site daycare (based on availability and excluding incidentals)
  • Upon approval, sick child care reimbursement


  • Transportation to and from work (within a specified area)

Professional Development

  • Learning events, workshops, seminars/ conferences

Paid Annual Leave


  • Targeted years of service reward for completing three, four, five, six or seven consecutive years of employment

End of Service

  • Financial award for completing initial employment agreement and each year thereafter