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We are officially on the twelve-month countdown of the construction of the new campus and, so far, we are on target to achieve the completion date. Construction is ramping up now on a monthly basis. 

The structure work, which is the first key milestone phase of the project, is now completed in both schools. This represents the end of the first major output of the project. Next will be the internal work, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) and finishing work so the progress completion should start to increase rapidly month by month.

The construction of the swimming pool area has made great progress over the last three months and the superstructure work for the changing rooms, seating area and reception area has been completed. The installation of the initial fittings and all of the waterproofing layers is done, so the swimming pool is ready to go into the final construction phase in the next couple of months. 

It won’t be long before the installation of all the windows and doors to enclose the buildings will start. Other main tasks at present are: plastering, internal partition wall construction and a large range of MEP work. Groundwork is also underway, including finalizing the leveling work of the sports field area.