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The project is now in its final phase and it’s all hands on deck. As of the end of March, the new campus is at 88% of actual progress completed on site, in terms of the project program schedule. Once the site is completed, it moves to the phase of testing and commissioning of all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment (MEP) as well as outfitting the school with supplies such as desks, furniture, books, etc.

The internal work on both schools is being fast tracked, with a key focus on the installation of the all flooring materials, acoustic ceilings, lighting fixtures, sanitary wares, escalators and completing the MEP work. In parallel to this, the finishing work and painting are also underway.

The swimming pool specialist company is preparing for the testing and commissioning of the relevant pool equipment including the pumps, filters and heat exchange system. Outside, the flooring layers are being installed for the external play court areas and the sports field area is being prepared for the shock pad layer and artificial grass which will be installed in the next three to four weeks. 

Recently, we hosted a few tours for our corporate partners and staff, in order to provide a sneak peek of things to come. Even though it is not fully completed, the campus has excited people with its spacious design, natural light and outstanding learning spaces. It will truly be the premier educational facility of its type in the Eastern Province of KSA.