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Despite a temporary shutdown due to COVID-19, the progress on our new campus site has been very much on target, as we are now into the eighth month of a twenty-two-month construction schedule. 

The substructure and superstructure of both schools have made significant progress over the last three months. The concrete work for the superstructure is over 75% complete for the American school and 25% complete for the British school.

The substructure work in the British school included the extensive challenge of the construction of a basement, but we can now report that the basement is completed and focus can shift to the superstructure.

Once the superstructure work is completed, the next phase will be the blockwork and the installation of all windows and doors to enclose the buildings. The project will then kick into overdrive with the MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), with all internal and finishing work set to take an estimated twelve months. 

The construction of the swimming pool area has progressed nicely over the last three months, with about 50% of the superstructure work for the changing rooms, seating area and reception completed.