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Job Description

Job Title:
Substitute Counselor
School / Location:
School / Department:
Elementary / Primary
Job Status:
Salary Code:
Work Days / Hours:
130 days @ 7 hours per day
Eligible Applicants:
Position Start Date:
As soon as possible
Application Deadline:
Until filled
Reports to:
Shina George, Elementary School Assistant Principal
Requisition Number:

The School Counselor brings knowledge of best practices in school counseling and education to serve as student advocate, leader, collaborator, and consultant. The Counselor is a critical member of the educational team and works collaboratively with all stakeholders to deliver a comprehensive school counseling program to promote and support student success.  The Counselor is committed to continuous professional growth, adheres to a high standard of professional conduct, and practices ethical principles of the school counseling profession at all times.

Job Duties

The successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the safety and security of children and young people (child protection)
  • Provide social, emotional, and academic counseling for students, individually or in group sessions, on as needed basis
  • Assist students and families with school transitions (new students, withdrawing students, etc.)
  • Use student data to support decision making in designing effective interventions and counseling services
  • Participate on the Crisis Management Team on an as-needed basis
  • Provide intervention/support in crisis situations
  • Respond to and manage all child protection concerns
  • Refer students and their parents, as needed, to appropriate specialists, special programs, and/or outside agencies
  • Consult and advise on admissions and placement decisions for students on an as-needed basis
  • Consult and collaborate with teachers, families, and the administration to provide academic, social, and emotional support for students
  • Provide information and skills to parents, school staff, administration, and the community to assist them in helping students in academic and social development
  • Conduct in-service training for other stakeholders to share school counseling expertise 
  • Collaborate with administrators and counselors across the District to design, implement and deliver a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program to provide students with the knowledge and skills in the four domains (academic, personal/social; career, and global perspective)
  • Become actively involved with students through classroom visitations, presentation of lessons, participation in student activities, and being visible during student break, lunch, etc.
  • Participate in interdisciplinary curriculum development to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive counseling curriculum
  • Collaborate with other DMM counselors
  • Offer support to students in their academic and social-emotional development 
  • Maintain a safe learning environment for students and staff at all times
  • Embody, uphold, and promote the ISG Learning Principles:
    • Students learn best with voice and choice
    • Learning is a reflective practice
    • Learning requires a safe, collaborative environment
    • Learning requires feedback for growth
    • Learning inspires passionate engagement
    • Learning from failure requires a growth mindset
    • Appropriate challenge engages and motivates learners
    • Embody, uphold and promote the ISG Assessment Beliefs:
      • Purpose:
        • The purpose of assessment is to improve learning
      • Beliefs:
        • The student is the first and most important user of assessment data
        • Reflection is integral to deep learning
        • Assessments should be aligned with adopted standards
        • Feedback to students should be timely, targeted, accurate, actionable, ongoing, and embedded in the assessment process
        • Assessments should produce accurate data capable of informing instruction and learning
        • Assessments should give students opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways
        • Creating and upholding structures that support teacher collaboration around assessment practices will enhance student learning
    • Strive to help students demonstrate and embody the characteristics of the ISG Profile of Graduates:
      • Leadership - inspire and motivate others
      • Collaboration - purposeful and effective interaction with others
      • Individuality - self-development, confidence, and motivation
      • Open-mindedness - embrace and respect diverse ideas to refine perspective(s), balance judgment, and inspire compassion
      • Balance - well-roundedness, focus, and sustenance of a healthy mental and physical lifestyle through an efficient and proficient use of time
      • Integrity - willingness and desire to do the right thing
      • Growth mindset - belief that talents may be learned and perfected through perseverance
      • Critical thinking - apply multiple perspectives and deep reasoning to real-world situations
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal and/or the Assistant Principal
Qualifications and Knowledge

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Certification as a school counselor
Experience and Skills

The ideal candidate will have:


  • Experience with Google Suite (Google Apps for Education)


  • Excellent planning, organization, oral, and written English communication skills
  • A strong awareness of child protection and a commitment to ensure the safety of our students
  • Promote an understanding and appreciation of diverse populations and cultures
  • Maintain confidentiality and discretion in responding to sensitive issues, including confidential record keeping
  • Positive attitude toward continuous self-improvement
  • Proven ability to work well with students, families, & colleagues