Job Description

Job Title
Math Teacher
School / Location
School / Department
Middle School & High School
Job Status
Salary Code
Work Days / Hours
191 days @ 8 hours per day
Eligible Applicants
Position Start Date
As soon as possible
Application Deadline
Until filled
Reports to
Brent Wingers, Assistant Principal
Requisition Number

ISG Jubail seeks a dynamic Middle / High School mathematics teacher with a passion for leading students to construct their own understanding of mathematics guided by the Common Core and IB.  This person would demonstrate a commitment to a well-rounded and flexible mathematics program that encompasses interdisciplinary connections, literacy, and authentic/relevant learning experiences.  The ideal candidate will be passionate about guiding students learning. ISG Jubail has a strong sense of community. The successful candidate would be committed to contributing to the whole school community beyond the confines of the mathematics program.  The ideal candidate would be eager to engage in collaboration around our mission: We inspire innovation and compassionate action.

Job Duties

The successful candidate will be able to effectively:

  • Demonstrate commitment to the safety and security of children and young people (child protection)

  • Collaborate around meeting our mission:  We inspire innovation and compassionate action

  • Communicate and collaborate in a professional manner

  • Commit to continual professional learning

  • Plan meaningful assessment opportunities

  • Drive learning through assessment and feedback

  • Reflect on assessment data, set appropriate goals and targets

  • Plan and deliver effective and meaningful learning opportunities

  • Know and respond to the needs of all students

  • Promote agency and innovation in the learning process

  • Foster compassion and build relationships amongst all the ISG community

  • Exhibit effective and positive classroom management

  • Contribute to student growth and collaboration

  • Contribute to the after-school activities program and to the wider ISG Jubail community

  • Effectively assess and report on student academic achievement and learning dispositions

  • Espouse creativity and passion in and out of the classroom

Specifically with regards to middle / high school mathematics, the successful candidate will be able to effectively:

  • Scaffold student construction of their own understanding of mathematical concepts

  • Lead students to use multiple representations in the context of mathematics

  • Create an environment where students passionately exercise agency in pursuing mathematics

  • Be a champion for students, learning, and the middle / high school program

  • Contribute to the creation and revision of the mathematics curriculum

  • Share interests and passions with students through the after-school program

Qualifications and Knowledge

The candidate must have:

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Deep pedagogical content knowledge in mathematics

  • Current certification/licensure to teach mathematics

  • An advanced degree in a related field of study

  • Knowledge of the common core mathematics standards and IB syllabi

  • Knowledge of Understanding by Design (UbD) principles

Experience and Skills

The ideal candidate will have:


  • Teaching mathematics in an international context

  • Leading and inspiring students to be informed and inspired community members and leaders 

  • Organizing student projects and performance tasks

  • Documenting curriculum according to Understanding by Design (UbD) principles

  • Designing programs based on the common core standards and IB syllabi

  • Collaborating in a professional setting with large and small groups of colleagues

  • Leading groups of students and faculty

Skills & Dispositions

  • Positive and compassionate outlook

  • Open-mindedness and flexibility

  • A proactive approach and ability to take initiative

  • Desire to engage in meaningful collaboration