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Superintendent's Message


Dear Parents,

This week, I am pleased to announce that sign ups are open for our virtual ISG Summer School 2022!

Please find here a link to our website, which includes course information and student sign-up forms. Students can register for up to four courses of the 100+ offered. Please note that the deadline for registration is June 2, 2022. Additionally, students can find details on the website to take part in our Summer Math and Reading Challenges. The program is free of charge to ISG students and will run from June 19 - July 14, 2022. If you have questions, please contact the Teaching & Learning Office at

Our student activities have continued in full force again this week, with a range of musical concerts, sports events, book days and arts festivals. Please find a photo collage here to see what our students have been up to. I am sure you will join me in warmly thanking all of the students and teachers involved in these fantastic learning opportunities.

As we continue to prepare for our forthcoming Dhahran campus move, our ASD and BSD teachers have also been busy this week taking part in technology training. Please find some photographs of the sessions here. I would like to thank our Teaching and Learning team for facilitating this in-house training for our teachers.

I would like to wish you a great weekend with your children.


Best wishes,

Dr. Michael P. Mack