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ISG District and Schools Recognized by Common Sense Media

The ISG District and each ISG school have been recognized by Common Sense Media.  

Common Sense Media recognizes the efforts made by the District and each school to prioritize the safe and appropriate use of technology and good digital citizenship. It also represents our commitment to innovation and supporting our students to be responsible and informed digital citizens.

Common Sense Media District

Earning recognition as a Common Sense District shows our community that our district is committed to providing safe and innovative spaces for students to thrive as they harness the potential of technology for learning and life. To earn our district badge we: 

  • Had all schools earn their Common Sense School badge.
  • Engaged families district-wide in at least three ways with Common Sense resources. 

Benefits to becoming a Common Sense District: 

  • District-wide implementation supports a healthy district culture where our whole community is invested in helping kids thrive as digital learners and citizens.
  • Develop our personalized road map to school-wide and district-wide digital citizenship implementation. 
  • Earning a district badge that publicly affirms our commitment to digital learning and citizenship.

Common Sense Media Schools

Earning the Common Sense School badge is a symbol of each school's dedication and commitment to helping students think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create, participate and share. To earn the Common Sense School badge we completed these four steps:  

  1. Learn: Took one of the free courses/webinars.
  2. Teach: Taught digital citizenship lessons to our students.
  3. Engage: Supported and engaged our families by sharing the resources.
  4. Reflect: Provided a brief reflection and applied for the certification

The District Office would like to thank and recognize Maha Sousak from BSD for her incredible vision and leadership in this effort.

Additionally, leaders from each school took responsibility for this effort to ensure the digital citizenship lessons were taught to students and resources were shared with families.