Dhahran High School - HFH, Philippines 2019

24 February 2019

"On January 31, sixteen students and two chaperones from DHS headed to the Philippines for a Habitat for Humanity volunteer service trip. We spent a week in Silay and Bacolod with the primary purpose of helping to build houses for families in that area who need more suitable housing. Upon our return, we had not only helped to build those houses, but we also built friendships and memories that will certainly last for a lifetime.  There were so many positive experiences from this trip, but I would like to highlight just a few.  Early in the week, our students were able to enjoy the beauty of the Philippines at Lakawon Island, sometimes called "the Maldives of the Philippines". The deep blue water and sunny skies provided the perfect setting for a fun and relaxing day off of work. As fun as that day was, for most of us, if not all, the most memorable portion of the trip came as we interacted with the local Filipino community. Meeting with the families that would benefit from the homes we were building was a touching experience that brought tears to our eyes. We also had the opportunity to visit a local school and teach some short lessons to the children there. In all of our interactions, we found that Bacolod lived up to its nickname, "The City of Smiles."  As we shared a "Boodle Fight" meal on our last day there, we laughed, cried, and felt the satisfaction that comes from selfless service. It was a life-changing trip that we certainly would do again if we could." - Mike Sallings