Dhahran Elementary Middle School - 2019 Study Trips

24 February 2019

Dhahran Elementary Middle School's annual study trips are an important opportunity for students to expand their minds and education beyond the classroom environment. Traveling to a different country, without family, and for purposes other than vacation present the students with challenges that become significant learning experiences.  Study trips are offered only at the Middle School level.

This year, DEMS had two study trips, one to Oman and one to Switzerland.  

The Oman study trip was geared towards being outdoors.  Students learned skills like camping, orienteering, climbing, and slack-lining.  They bonded as a group with board games, movies, and by enjoying the ocean right next to their campsite.  They also happened to experience some of the heaviest rains Oman had seen in over five years!

The Switzerland study trip was centered around skiing and snowboarding.  Students traveled to the Zermatt Ski Area which is nestled in the shadow of the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic peaks in Europe.  This group had daily lessons with professional trainers, and prior experience didn’t matter. Students also visited CERN, the world’s largest particle laboratory.