Compassion Summit 2019

24 March 2019


The Compassion Summit was first established three years ago by the International Schools Group (ISG) and the American Community School (ACS) in Jordan. It was introduced by the previous ISG Assistant Superintendent for Learning, Tara Waudby, alongside Jennifer Suleiman and Mo Hourani from ACS. The aim was to make compassion more prevalent in schools so that acts of kindness, generosity, a caring spirit and respect for the environment become everyday acts within the school community.

At the first Compassion Summit in March 2017, it was expected that only two schools would be involved in the event, but there was such buzz and interest generated by this new initiative that in fact 12 international schools attended. The response from students and teachers was so inspirational that it motivated the organizers to make the summit an annual event. In March 2018 at the second annual summit, ISG sent 38 students from six of the schools in the organization as well as a number of teachers to deliver sessions within the event.

This year, ISG made its third visit to the Compassion Summit in Jordan taking 22 students to engage in activities relating to implementing an action plan at each of the ISG schools. Our students were an absolute credit to the organization and engaged in inspiring sessions, working collaboratively on systems that could be put in place at our ISG schools. The trip highlighted to the staff involved what a pleasure and a privilege it is to work with amazing young people who take pride in their schools and strive to make each one of their respective schools a place of peace and harmony. We look forward to seeing their inspiring work come to fruition at each of the sites as we turn our eyes toward the 2020 Compassion Summit which will take place in Bahrain.