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January 20, 2022      The latest protocols for our classrooms and campuses

January 13, 2022      Read the information provided on the ISG website concerning our COVID-19 response

January 9, 2022         Youngest students permitted to attend in-person learning from January 23, 2022

January 4, 2022         ISG will be operating a fully virtual model, for all grade levels, during the first week back to school

Dec. 16, 2021            Adjusting our teaching schedule for our KG1-Grade 6/FS1-Year 7 students

Dec. 9, 2021              School event photos & international travel restrictions due to the new Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus

Dec. 1, 2021              Transition fully from virtual to full in-person learning for our Grade 7-12/Year 8-13 students

Nov. 25, 2021            Continuing to push for an increase in the level of in-person support offered to our younger grade levels

Nov. 18, 2021            ISG Learns recap video and parent survey

Oct. 14, 2021             Parent survey results and NESA's Parents as Partners webinar series

July 15, 2021              Vaccinations for children over 12, new campus update, parent survey for summer school

July 1, 2021                Funds awarded for COVID supplies, summer school survey to follow       

June 17, 2021             Summer school update

June 3, 2021               End-of-year message

May 27, 2021              Tuition fees for 2021-2022

May 20, 2021              Summer school sign up

May 6, 2021                Eid Mubarak!

April 29, 2021             Parent reflection survey, MSA mid-term accreditation report

April 22, 2021             Summer school update, cancelled Town Hall, new campus video

April 15, 2021             Virtual school only as of April 18 to the end of the school year

April 8, 2021               Summer school response, Ramadan hours

April 1, 2021               End of school year, Summer School program

March 25, 2021          Revised plan for on campus assessment, ISG new campus wins award

March 11, 2021          On campus assessments suspended

March 4, 2021            MOE visit to ISG, Ramadan schedule

Feb. 25, 2021             Virtual school until end of year, webpage of virtual victories, upcoming Town Hall

Feb. 18, 2021             Limited groups back on campus, upcoming Town Hall

Feb. 11, 2021             Select students back on campus for assessment, COVID vaccination for staff

Feb. 04, 2021             COVID new measures

Jan. 28, 2021              Reopening plan changes, new campus update, re-enrollment started

Jan. 21, 2021              New campus update, survey to follow regarding return to campus

Jan. 14, 2021              Welcome back, return to campus update

Dec. 03, 2020             Awaiting response from MOE, appointment of new Director of Teaching and Learning

Nov. 26, 2020             Proposal submitted to MOE, update on parent emails, Board letter

Nov. 12, 2020             NESA webinars, staff Child Protection training

Nov. 05, 2020             Survey results, preliminary work on school hybrid model for January

October 22, 2020       School days instead of staff development days, parent survey reminder

October 15, 2020       ISG announces new school names, new timelapse video, survey

October 09, 2020       MOE announcement and the continuation of virtual school

October 08, 2020       NESA webinar series, ISG family email accounts

October 01, 2020       DBGS as Common Sense School, parent resource page, new campus update

Sept. 17, 2020            Quote Collage, Saudi National Day holiday weekend

Sept. 10, 2020            Family ISG email account, NESA webinar series, teachers returning to KSA

Sept. 03, 2020            Virtual school survey to come, NESA webinar feedback

August 27, 2020         Teacher testimonials, NESA webinar series for parents, ISG District Health Manual

August 23, 2020         Back to School video

August 20, 2020         Welcome back message, timelapse video, parent email update

August 17, 2020         MOE announcement of seven weeks of virtual school

August 13, 2020         Reopening Roadmap, Superintendent video, NESA article

August 06, 2020         Town Hall Q & A

July 30, 2020               Parent questions for Superintendent, summer school survey results

July 16, 2020               Waiting for MOE regarding the format after we open virtually

July 02, 2020               New campus update, virtual summer school update

June 18, 2020             End-of-year message, campus reopening video, virtual school start in August

June 11, 2020             Summer school response, ISG email addresses coming for parents

June 04, 2020             Link to Town Hall video and questions, Campus Reopening Plan

May 28, 2020             End of Eid break, last few weeks of school, Town Hall reminder

May 21, 2020             Town Hall meeting, Kath Murdoch bonus, cyber attack protective steps

May 14, 2020             Virtual message, link to parent survey

May 07, 2020             COVID-19 case update, Board and end of school year, preparations for re-opening

May 01, 2020             COVID-19 case

April 30, 2020            'Keep well. Stay Strong' video

April 23, 2020            Virtual school update, Kath Murdoch video

April 16, 2020            Virtual school until the end of the school year

April 09, 2020            Virtual school website links

April 02, 2020            Updates, cancelled exams

March 26, 2020         Welcome back message - virtual school until further notice

March 18, 2020         Spring break message - virtual school until at least April 2, 2020

March 16, 2020         Virtual school continues

March 08, 2020         Closure of all KSA schools as of March 9, 2020

March 03, 2020         Travel restriction updates and resources on website 

February 27, 2020     Bahrain school closures and monitoring the situation in KSA 

February 13, 2020     Follow up to disclosure: negative test results

February 12, 2020     Disclosure: student exposed to family member being tested for virus

January 26, 2020       Coronavirus in China, preventative measures to take and resource links