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We welcome applications from students of all nationalities who are able to meet the demands of an academically challenging American, British or international curricula. Students are selected to enter a prospective school based upon past school records, teacher recommendations, standardized test scores, interview or class observation, learning needs and, where applicable, an applicant and/or parent questionnaire.

In making admissions decisions, we offer places to those students whose experiences and records indicate that they will succeed in the school’s academic programs. The school seeks to ensure an appropriate match between a prospective student and family and the mission and philosophy of the school. We give priority to applicants who have siblings already enrolled in a school, while also considering each grade’s gender mix, which helps achieve a diverse student body.

Admission of students with mild to moderate learning difficulties is limited by the availability of services that will meet their educational needs. Students with special education histories are expected to provide full disclosure of their past learning modifications, including the most current IEP documents, prior to admission at ISG.

The cutoff age for a particular grade/year at ISG is the child's age before September 1 of the entry year.