Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the International Schools Group. ISG is a not-for-profit organization which has been established in KSA for over 50 years. Through our six schools, we exist to serve families living within the Eastern Province, by delivering the highest quality US, UK and international education. The 70+ nationalities that make up our community work together to generate a culture of success within each distinctive setting.

Our achievements are based upon our ability to work together and our aim to live out our values. ‘Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance and Integrity’ provide a constant reminder of the qualities required to provide a foundation for learning. Teachers and students gain confidence from the security that our values bring. Confidence allows us to take control of our own learning. The most successful students feel that they can control their own futures - student agency. Achieving and sustaining agency is rooted in complex processes, nurtured by our teachers.

Our teachers are convinced that the best way to teach is to be a learner too. Our commitment to professional development is an outstanding feature of ISG. Teachers learn and apply what they have learned practically. A year’s worth of dedicated collaborative work, including teachers and students from our six schools, provided us with our Principles for Learning. Our aim is to make these principles manifest in all of our actions. It is achievable only through the dedicated actions of our excellent teachers and support staff.

Our parents work with us on many levels to maintain the distinctive nature of ISG, that has given us a sustained period of success for our alumni and for existing students. The excellent relationships that we share with our parents are fundamental to the success of each individual student. I know I can speak for our teachers and students in offering gratitude for this support.

Overseeing all of this is our Board of Trustees. This is a group of dedicated stakeholders who hold honorary positions on the Board, working closely with me and key colleagues to secure the long term direction of the school. Choose any aspect of achievement within any of the schools and the trail will lead back to the support offered by the Trustees: it all starts with the Board. I am personally grateful for the outstanding support that is offered by our excellent Board of Trustees.

ISG offers coeducational, first class education for our family of international stakeholders. We are privileged to be hosted here in KSA where we work very closely with Saudi ministries and partners.  Without this cooperation our schools could not offer the consistently high level of service that has become our hallmark. We are thankful to all of our colleagues and good friends within the supportive Saudi network who work closely with us in making our schools run as smoothly as possible.

For those new to ISG, welcome. For established friends of ISG, thank you for your invaluable support and encouragement as we work together to provide the brightest of futures for the students of ISG.


Dr. Michael Mack
ISG Superintendent