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What is the purpose of the ISG Board of Trustees?

  • To support the mission of ISG;

  • To invest time, effort and dedication as a Board of Trustees member, to act as a board and not individuals;

  • To determine the strategic direction of ISG schools through professional and personal expertise;

  • To establish the structure which will provide the means for excellence in education and ensure that assessment systems are in place to measure academic performance;

  • To formulate District policies and guide the administration and ensure, in collaboration with the Superintendent, that Board policies are duly executed;

  • To appoint the Superintendent in completion of his/her annual assessment; and

  • To collaboratively work with the Superintendent and community to develop a shared vision for the school and consult with the Superintendent on strategic, critical and important matters.


Who is the Board of Trustees?

  • The governing body consists of a minimum of 7 to 13 members.

  • The Board is composed of parents of children enrolled in ISG schools or can represent corporations that have significant student enrollment.

  • A few of the Board of Trustees members will represent the ISG Legal Board. These members must be of American citizenship with children enrolled in ISG schools.

  • One member from the American Consulate will be represented on the ISG Board of Trustees as a non-voting member.

  • When a vacancy arises, the Board will send out a notification to the District and the six schools, inviting the ISG community for self-nomination.

  • In the selection process, the board will attempt to have parent representation from each ISG school.