Potential employees of ISG should be aware of some aspects of living and teaching in Saudi Arabia that may require a more flexible approach to life than that expected in the western world:

  • women and men must dress modestly in public.
  • women are not permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia.
  • exit/re-entry visas must be obtained before staff may leave the country.
  • medical care is very good but specialized care may not be available in the Kingdom.
  • some people find if difficult to adjust to the hot and humid climate.
  • expatriates must conform to Islamic standards and are subject to Sharia Law.

Women wearing abaya in public.Women wearing abaya in public.Although somewhat restrictive by western standards, life in Saudi Arabia can be comfortable and socially rewarding. As a base for international travel, Saudi Arabia is beautifully positioned, an equal distance from Europe, Africa, and the rest of Asia. Thus it offers the expatriate unlimited options for exotic and adventurous holidays and stopover locations during annual repatriation and various scheduled vacation periods.


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