Many cultures co-exist within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia among the Saudi nationals and the expatriate population comprised of various nationalities. As a result, Saudi Arabia is unique in terms of contrasting life styles and cultural anomalies. The constitution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Koran, the Book revealed by God to the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him.). All laws and regulations comply with Islamic Sharia, the laws laid down by the Koran. The Kingdom is unique in its adherence to the Sharia as the basis for all its actions in every field of human activity and worship. The religion, which is practiced faithfully, is Islam.

In general, expatriates live comfortably in terms of basic needs. Modern supermarkets, and specialized stores provide most necessities. In the Eastern Province, in the capital of Riyadh, and in the cosmopolitan city of Jeddah on the west coast, large shopping malls cater to every need. With prices competitive to those of North America or the United Kingdom, expatriates are now shopping in-Kingdom more than ever before due to the variety of brand name stores available.

Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh, Saudi Arabia

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