Guiding Principles

The ISG Guiding Principles inform our instructional practices.  The Guiding Principles include our Mission, We Inspire Innovation and Compassionate Action; Learning Principles, Assessment Beliefs, Profile of Graduates, Technology Vision; and the ISG Core Values.  The full text of the ISG Guiding Principles is available below.

Continuous Curriculum Review

ISG has shifted to a continuous curriculum review process as described below.  The model involves planning at system and at school level.  The School Improvement Team caretakes implementation of curriculum via the GANTT chart.  The GANTT serves as a planning and monitoring tool for our curriculum implementation cycles.  

The Common Core State Standards and National Curriculum have shifted the standards movement from individual state standards to national standards.  In each of our disciplines, we have adopted national standards, and this shifts our curriculum review from a cyclical review to a continuous review.  Curriculum encompasses several key components outlined in the model below, and this model inspires innovation in our learning programs.

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As outlined above, successful learning models rely on continuous curriculum implementation.  ISG has modeled its approach after the NESA Continuum of Implementation showcased below and documented in the  ISGCurriculumGANTT.   We use the continuum to plan for meaningful and innovative curriculum implementation and professional learning.  


Planning for Student Learning

Student learning lies at the core of what we do and we are committed to continuous improvement and learning for all. Our curriculum is mission-driven and assessment focused, and we utilize updated relevant standards from the USA and the UK. Our standards serve as the basis of our curriculum, and we utilize a backwards design planning ethos to provide authentic and engaging assessments and learning opportunities for our students.

Follow the links to access:

  • the standards that drive our planning
  • scope & sequence in disciplines
  • essential backwards design planning tools
  • disciplinary resources, including instructional strategies for 21st Century Learning
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Scope & Sequence



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Planning Tools


Disciplinary Resources