Welcome to the International Schools Group (ISG), a collection of international schools in Saudi Arabia. We are deeply committed to the mission of offering a challenging world-class education to our 4,500+ students across seven schools and five campuses.

ISG’s Core Values—Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance, Integrity, with a Commitment to Act—serve as a foundation for the learning experiences provided to our students so they can aspire to reach their fullest potential.

ISG’s not-for- profit status enables it to focus on the quality of education over satisfying investment expectations of shareholders. Funded 100% through tuition revenue, ISG is committed to fiscal responsibility while maintaining the highest of standards in its programs. In recent years, ISG has invested significantly in its technology infrastructure, allowing our students to connect globally and access a wealth of resources now available on the Web. A second area for focus has been ISG’s literacy efforts: writing, reading, math, information, and other disciplines that we know our students need to master in order to thrive in their future environments.

Whether you are a family seeking a school in the Eastern Province or Yanbu that deeply values a high-quality American, British, or international curriculum, or a teacher candidate wishing to find a school committed to the wellbeing of both students and teachers, you are invited to learn more about what makes ISG’s schools a special place to be and to learn.

Dr. Paul Richards
International Schools Group



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