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Shina George Dammam Vice Principal ElementaryShina George - Vice Principal of Elementary School, ISG Dammam

Shina George joined ISG in 2000 as an Information Technology teacher after completing her Masters in Chemistry and Bachelors in Education. She believes that “Technology will not replace teachers, but Technology in the hands of a great teacher can be Transformational.”

Safaa Ebrahim Dammam Global Languages Vice Principal

Safaa Ebrahim - Global Languages Vice Principal, ISG Dammam

Joining the ISG Dammam family in 2007, Safaa Ebrahim first served as an Arabic Language & Islamic culture teacher for both elementary and middle school students. Through the ISS coaching program offered by the school, Safaa became an accredited Literacy Coach by 2011. She also served as a Global Language (GL) coordinator before eventually earning the position of GL Vice Principal by 2014.

Andrew Crouse Jubail PrincipalAndrew Crouse - Principal,

In his previous role as Director of Data for the ISG District, Andrew, along with the principal of Yanbu International School, led the district through the MSA systems accreditation process. In addition, he coordinated the use of data amongst the seven schools and facilitated institutional research.

Originally from the United States, he has worked at schools and universities in the Pacific, South America, North America, South Asia, and East Asia. Most recently, he was the Senior School Principal at Shanghai Singapore International School. He has served in numerous educational roles including that of Teacher, Principal, Educational Researcher, Professor, and Teacher Trainer. Schools in which he has worked have delivered American, British, Singaporean, and International curricula.

He hopes to draw upon this diverse experience to build, nourish, celebrate and encourage the ISG Jubail community in their work. He is excited to join this vital community of learners along with his wife Nicole, the District Mathematics Coach, as well as his daughters Ava and Anna.

Shanewaz Ahmed - Head of Elementary School, ISG Jubail

Shanewaz Ahmed began his teaching career in the UK, teaching Homeroom to children aged between four and eight at various schools across a number of years. His first international position was held in Colombia, South America before he moved to China, where he worked for six years.

Brent Wingers - Vice Principal of MS/HS, ISG Jubail School

Brent Wingers graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007 with majors in history and broadfield social studies education.  He began his international teaching career in Honduras while also working to complete his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership through Framingham State University in Massachusetts.

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