Daniel Mock Jubail PrincipalDaniel Mock - Principal, ISG Jubail School

Dan was hired in Jubail beginning in 2008/9 school year as the Assistant Principal. A graduate of University of North Carolina Wilmington (USA), Daniel has taught a number of subjects areas and grade levels. He came to Jubail as Assistant Principal and a part-time Health and PE teacher. He brings a Masters of Educational Leadership to the organization and many years of coaching varsity sports; primarily soccer (football) and basketball.

Mr. Mock’s evolving philosophy is based on community building and project based work that is relevant to our environment.  This is carried out with a core focus on skills and understandings that will empower the students to take steps towards independence.

The leadership vision for Mr. Mock will be to create a trust based organizational structure that focuses on the strengths and understandings of colleagues. This focus will allow ISG Jubail to set the standard for project based learning with an emphasis on advanced technology and creation of brain-friendly spaces.   

Key focus points and initiatives

  • Project based initiatives for environmental awareness
  • Collaboration among students and staff on the functionality of the school
  • High levels of commitment to the fine and performing arts
  • Commitment towards technology that enables investigative and real life applications for learning
  • School wide commitment to utilizing space effectively and thoughtfully
  • Focus on student engagement linked to results as measure of teacher success
  • Collaboration and trust to create professional learning community that reaches entire school

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