Dr Andrew Crouse Coordinator of Student Assessment DataDr. Andrew Crouse - Director of Data

Dr. Crouse joined ISG to coordinate the use of data amongst the seven schools and facilitate institutional research. Originally from the United States, he has worked at schools and universities in the pacific, South America, North America, South Asia, and East Asia. Most recently he was the Senior School Principal at Shanghai Singapore International School. He has served numerous educational roles including that of Teacher, Principal, Educational Researcher, Professor, and Teacher Trainer.

Schools in which he has worked have delivered American, British, Singaporean, and International curricula. He hopes to draw upon this diverse experience to understand and collaborate with individuals and groups in the multifaceted international organization that is ISG. He is excited to be a part this vital community of learners along with his wife Nicole, a Mathematics Coach; as well as his daughters Ava and Anna.

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