John Chapman Assistant Superintendent for Human ResourcesJohn Chapman - Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

John Chapman is from the United Kingdom and completed his training as a primary/middle school teacher in 1978. After teaching in the UK for 13 years he moved to Saudi Arabia in 1991 with his wife, an early years teacher, and two young children.

John taught middle school English for six-years at DBGS before being appointed as Deputy Headteacher in 1997. Following a 2-year period back in the UK he was appointed as Headteacher of Dhahran British Grammar School, a position he held from 2002 to 2008, before entering his current role as Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.

The Human Resources Department services the daily requirements of nearly 700 ISG employees, as well as responding to the evolving requirements of host country employment legislation. A number of new initiatives are currently being explored as the HR Team jointly works on ways to further improve the services provided.

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