Dr Paul Richards District SuperintendentDr. Paul Richards - District Superintendent

Dr. Paul Richards considers himself fortunate to lead a district of seven schools and over 4000 students in Saudi Arabia. He has prepared for this challenge by leading high schools in such diverse places as London, Boston, and Nantucket. A teacher at heart, Paul has pushed for excellence in academics, but also for a holistic definition of success. He has written the only doctorate completed on the topic of the academic stress culture in suburban schools. Paul is a believer that mindfulness has an important role in today’s classrooms, and he has developed and taught a course exploring race, culture, and human rights issues.

At ISG, Paul is leading the team to lurch ISG firmly into the 21st century, giving students what they need to thrive in today’s interconnected world. This goes far beyond ubiquitous access to technology, and encourages students to create and to contribute to the global arena. This is done with a firm commitment to core ethical values. Paul is joined at ISG by his wife, Tina, a school nurse, and their children, Camille and Zach.

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