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Dhahran Baccalaureate Centre (DBC) operates under the auspices of Dhahran High School

Approved by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), DBC began offering the challenging IB Diploma Programme on the ISG Dhahran Campus in September 2011. A comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum, the IB Diploma Programme culminates in examinations and qualifications for students in Grades 11 and 12 (American system) and Years 12 and 13 (British system). Successful completion of the programme will lead to the highly regarded IB Diploma, recognized by universities worldwide. 

Developed in the 1960s, incorporating the best practice of several national curricula, the IB Diploma Programme provides enhanced learning opportunities for students and “a holistic” approach which “emphasizes high academic standards” coupled with “personal development in areas such as philosophy, social awareness and the arts” (IBO, 2012). 

“A universally recognized diploma ... with an international perspective insisting on expertise in at least two languages and emphasizing areas of global concern"... the IB Diploma offers fosters participant adaptability and mobility for an increasingly globalized world (Vanloo & Morley, 2004). 

Dhahran Baccalaureate Centre (DBC) follows a school calendar and tuition rates similar to that of Dhahran High School. For specific information, please contact the IB Coordinator. 

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IB Coordinator: IBCentre@isgdh.org 

Dhahran Baccaleureate Centre

 Geographic Area:  The DBC is situated on ISG’s Dhahran campus adjacent to the
 U.S. Consulate in Al-Khobar, near the Arabian Gulf.
 IB Coordinator: Emily Bearns

Historic Timeline

 January 2010:  ISG Board of Trustees approves decision to initiate the IBO
 application process. Interim IB Coordinator appointed.
 March 2010:  ISG appoints Co-Coordinators, effective August 2010, representing
 a partnership between Dhahran British Grammar School (DBGS)
 and Dhahran High School (DHS).
 May 2010:  Dhahran Baccalaureate Centre is accepted as an official candidate
 school by the IBO. Part Two of the standard 1 ½ years application
 process is put into motion.
 May 2011:  IBO approval granted to Dhahran Baccalaureate Centre IB
 Diploma Programme.
 September 2011:  Dhahran Baccalaureate Centre opens, offering the IB Diploma
 Programme to its first cohort of students.

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International Schools Group (ISG)
P. O. Box 31677
Al-Khobar 31952
Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966-13-330-0555

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