A graduate of an ISG school is expected to:

  • Possess an understanding of the major fields of knowledge necessary for success in adult life.
  • Read critically, write with clarity, listen carefully and speak effectively.
  • Make realistic goals and continually strive to attain them.
  • Be an independent, critical thinker and a competent problem solver.
  • Collaborate and work well with others while respecting their right to voice their opinions.
  • Possess a strong self-awareness and positive self-image.
  • Possess a sound work ethic.
  • Have a capacity for creativity and originality.
  • Possess personal integrity and an awareness of ethical behavior.  
  • Respect diversity and demonstrate cultural sensitivity.
  • Be flexible, resilient and adaptable.
  • Possess the skills to function in their environment.
  • Develop sound habits of physical and nutritional health.
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity.


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