At ISG, we believe that:

  • Student learning must be the primary focus of the decisions affecting our schools.
  • Development of the whole child socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally is imperative to success.
  • We value our students as unique individuals and treat them with dignity; all our students are worthy of this respect.
  • By inspiring our students they will contribute to society as knowledgeable, responsible and cultured citizens.
  • Differences in learning styles exist; therefore, students have the right to learn in a way that brings them personal success.
  • Activities beyond the curriculum that foster leadership, confidence and teamwork are essential to the development of the whole child.
  • Students learn best and are most successful when the learning environment is safe and secure.
  • Understanding and acknowledging the values of all cultures and diversity is essential and enriches the learning environment.
  • Effective education requires appropriate facilities where students experience security, care, dignity and respect.
  • The recruitment, professional development and retention of excellent employees are of vital importance to our success.
  • Good morale is critical to the success of our schools.
  • Our co-educational programs must be accomplished in a manner consistent with the regulations of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.


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International Schools Group (ISG)
P. O. Box 31677
Al-Khobar 31952
Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966-13-330-0555

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