Please read the following important information about university degree authentication:

Step 1: Contact an agency in the country where your degree was earned.

Step 2: Present yourself to the agency correctly by using the following language:

“I am a dependent of my (spouse/ parent) residing in Saudi Arabia on a residency visa. I will retain my dependent status and continue to reside in Saudi Arabia on a residency visa but would like to apply to work for the International Schools Group (ISG).

To receive permission to work from the Saudi Arabian Ministries of Education and Labor and a contract from the ISG if I am hired, I must first provide a copy of my Saudi authority-authenticated university degree. Based on this, please kindly advise me on the steps to complete to have my university degree authenticated by the proper Saudi authorities.”

Note: It is important for the person you communicate with at the agency to understand that you WILL NOT be an employee on a work visa sponsored by the ISG and WILL NOT have an employment contract to provide as this is the most common misunderstanding by visa agencies.

Step 3: Inquire if your university degree is eligible for authentication. If so, follow their direction and submit the required documentation.

Step 4: Follow-up regularly with the agency until you obtain authentication (stamp) of your university degree by the Saudi Embassy or Cultural Mission/ Bureau in the country where your education was earned.

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